12 lakh increase in the number of local passengers in a month

The number of people who have taken two doses is nine lakh 28 thousand

Mumbai: Suburban local congestion is on the rise and since August 15, about 12 lakh passengers have been added. As a result, the number of daily commuters on the Central and Western Suburban Railway has crossed 40 lakh. During this period, monthly passes have also been issued to nine lakh 28 thousand 574 people who have taken two vaccines.

In Corona’s second wave, only essential service personnel were allowed to travel locally. From August 11, those who have taken two doses will be given a monthly pass and from August 15, local travel will be allowed. Due to difficulties in getting vaccinated in Mumbai metropolis, the number of passengers traveling locally with two doses of vaccine was initially low.

One lakh 36 thousand 765 people took two vaccines on the Western Railway suburban route between 11th and 31st August, while the same number was three lakh 58 thousand 701 on the Central Railway.

The rapid increase in vaccinations and the increase in government and private office attendance, as well as the relaxation of other restrictions, have led to an increase in the number of local commuters.

So far, a total of six lakh 77 thousand 643 people who have taken two vaccines on Central Railway suburban route and two lakh 50 thousand 929 people on Western Railway have got monthly pass. As a result, the number of daily commuters on Mumbai Suburban Railway has reached 40 lakh 33 thousand 142. On 13th August (before 15th August) the same number was 27 lakh 35 thousand 485. As a result, about 12 lakh 97 thousand 657 passengers have been added.

Most commuters on the Central Railway

Of the two suburban routes, the Central Railway has the highest number of daily commuters. According to the information given by Western Railway, the number of suburban passengers was 12 lakh 39 thousand 502 on August 13, 2021, while the same number became 17 lakh 99 thousand 266 on September 16. The number of passengers on Central Railway, which was 14 lakh 95 thousand 983 on August 13, has now reached 22 lakh 33 thousand 876.

Action on non-insect passengers

During the period from 15th August to 10th September, 98 thousand 805 non-insect passengers have been taken action on Central Railway suburban route and a fine of Rs. 3 crore 7 lakh 77 thousand has been recovered. On the other hand, from 17th April 2021 to 31st August, Central Railway has taken action against 17 thousand 254 passengers traveling in the railway boundary without a cover and a fine of Rs 30 lakh has also been recovered.

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