1200 buses in ST fleet in New Year

Mumbai: ST Corporation will introduce 1,200 buses for passenger service in the new year. Some of these buses will be privately owned and some will be leased. A senior official informed that the tender process is being carried out for the construction of self-propelled vehicles.

The ST Corporation has 16,500 vehicles in its fleet, including simple buses, Nimaaram, Shivshahi, Shivneri and Ashwamedh vehicles owned and leased. Every year thousands of buses from the Corporation’s fleet are scrapped due to expiration. In the last two to three years, expired buses have been scrapped. But due to lack of funds and the Corona crisis, new buses could not be introduced in the convoy. Now it has been decided to take a new simple type of bus which will have 700 self-owned buses and 500 rented buses, said a senior official.

The number of simple buses is more than the number of buses in the fleet at present. However, ST Corporation does not have any simple lease. Among the new buses, 500 buses will be hired. The buses, which will be operated for seven divisions of the corporation, will be on lease for eight years. The driver will be from a private contractor and the carrier will be from ST. A tender process is also being implemented for this. In addition, ST Corporation will procure 700 simple buses owned by itself and a tender has been invited for the purchase of its chassis. It was informed that it would take seven to eight months for the bus to reach the convoy after completing all these procedures.

110 MIDI bus scraps

Ten years ago, the ST Corporation introduced midi buses for commuters in urban as well as some rural areas of the state to curb illegal traffic. Illegal passenger traffic was curtailed, but midi buses began to be deported. With the end of life and no response, the ST Corporation started removing 596 midi buses from its fleet in phases. Now there are 150 buses in the convoy and 110 of them will be scrapped. The remaining buses will be in passenger service for a few months. The same buses will be removed from the convoy soon.

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