New Lasvikram on Prime Minister Modi’s birthday

On the 71st birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a new record of daily vaccination was set on Friday. More than two crore vaccines were distributed across the country.

Two crore 37 lakh 73 thousand vaccines were distributed in the country till 11 pm on Friday. As a result, the total number of vaccines given so far across the country has exceeded 79.13 crore, according to the Union Ministry of Health.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a birthday present on Friday on behalf of the country’s citizens and health workers,” said Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandvi. The health minister said in a tweet that the country had set a new record of vaccination by giving more than two crore vaccines in one day on Friday.

The one crore daily vaccination phase was reached for the fourth time in a month. One crore vaccines were distributed till 1.30 pm on Friday. Even then, the health minister had said that India was rapidly vaccinating and moving towards a new record.

Today is the birthday of Prime Minister Modi and on the same day, the peak of Lasmatra has been established. This was the first time so far that the vaccine was given at the fastest rate. This is a birthday present for Prime Minister Modi, the health minister said on the hashtag “Vaccine Service, Happy Birthday Modi”.

The country had reached the stage of one crore vaccines three times on September 6, August 31 and August 27. Now it has been crossed again. Meanwhile, the party has appealed to all branches of the BJP to expedite vaccination.

Your journey is on आहे there is so much to do. There is no rest without realizing the dream of a strong, prosperous and inclusive India. Give me the strength to work even harder for the country! – Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

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