35,000 crore for infrastructure in Naina

CIDCO’s planning; Preparation of tenders for the second phase also

Navi Mumbai: While forty per cent farmers in the Navi Mumbai Airport Affected Area (Naina) are opposed to voluntary land acquisition, CIDCO has indicated its readiness to spend Rs 35,000 crore on civic and infrastructure facilities like roads, water, sewerage, lighting, grounds, schools, parks in the area. . Tenders have been issued for the first phase of the project and tenders for the second phase will be issued soon. The affected area of ​​Navi Mumbai Airport covers 270 villages and covers an area of ​​371 km. CIDCO is preparing a development plan for the land around these villages and the development will have to be done accordingly.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai has witnessed awkward development and a slum empire. Therefore, the state government has declared Naina area to 270 villages up to Panvel, Uran, Pen, Karjat, Thane and Khalapu which will come under the influence of Navi Mumbai Airport in January 2012 to prevent such development in the vicinity of the planned airport in Navi Mumbai. CIDCO has been entrusted with the responsibility of its planning. CIDCO has prepared 11 development plans for an area of ​​371 km in these 270 villages. This area was earlier up to 560 km2, but in the last ten years this limit has been reduced. CIDCO has prepared a project for 23 villages in Panvel taluka and it has been approved by the government. Eleven such projects are being developed based on the concepts of health, recreation, sports, training, education. Four of these schemes have been given the green light by the state city directors and the remaining schemes are being submitted in phases. Tender has been issued for infrastructure facilities for roads, gutters, grounds and parks in one of these town plans and its work has started. The tender process for the second scheme is in progress.

Demand for increase in developed plot return percentage

CIDCO does not acquire land in the Naina area, but if farmers voluntarily allow CIDCO to acquire forty percent of the land, CIDCO will provide incremental mat index (FSI) and infrastructure in return. Some farmers are opposed to CIDCO’s concept and village meetings are being held for this. The farmers demanded that the percentage of return of developed plots in Naina area should be increased.

Plot reserved

This will make the roads, gutters, lanterns and lights in Naina area shiny and this area will be in great demand in the construction sector. In particular, CIDCO has reserved plots for economic growth in the region.

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