400 sports sanctioned in Afghanistan, but what about women’s participation? The Taliban say, “Please now.”

Although the Taliban have ruled Afghanistan for 20 years, the government has yet to gain international recognition. There are global concerns and doubts about human rights, women’s rights, freedom. However, the Taliban want their government to gain global recognition, so many new things are being done by this government. As part of that, the Taliban have now allowed 400 games in Afghanistan. This is one of the most important announcements of the new government. However, will women be able to participate in these games this time? However, no clarification has been given in the policy.

Bashir Ahmed Rustamzai, Afghanistan’s director general of sports, made the important announcement at a press conference about the Taliban government’s sports policy. Accordingly, 400 games will now be allowed in Afghanistan. “Unless a sport goes against Sharia law, we will not ban any sport,” Rustamzai said. However, he sidestepped the question about women.

Avoided answers about female players!

When asked by reporters whether women could participate in the 400 games, Rustamzai declined to comment. “Please don’t ask questions about women now,” he said, making it difficult to understand the role of the Taliban in allowing women to participate in sports. However, the Taliban’s approach so far indicates that women will not be able to participate in sports.

“Players should wear pants a little longer”

Speaking on the occasion, Rustamzai said, “Observance of Sharia law in sports means a slight change in the system in other countries. It doesn’t change much. For example, football players or boxers should wear the pants long enough to reach below the knees, ”Rustamzai explained.

Just last week, Ahmadullah Wasik, chairman of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said, “Women don’t have to play any games!”

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