427 plots of MHADA in Mumbai without use

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Soon notice to plot holders from Mumbai Board
MUMBAI: It has come to light that MHADA’s Mumbai Board has violated the agreement on 427 plots of land in Mumbai distributed by beneficiaries or landlords without any construction in the last 25 to 30 years. The board has decided to issue notices to 427 plot holders. Accordingly, a notice has been issued by the Mumbai Board and action is likely to be taken soon.

Former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar’s organization was given a 21,348 sq ft plot of land in Bandra on lease by the Mumbai Board 33 years ago. However, as no construction has been done on it till date, the Mumbai Board had submitted a proposal to cancel the distribution of this plot. On Wednesday, the housing department withdrew its decision to cancel the allotment of Gavaskar’s plot with new conditions as per his demand. On this occasion, the question of the remaining paddy in Mumbai, the plots given on a lease without any construction, has come to the fore.

When Gavaskar asked the Mumbai Board about the remaining plots, a senior official said that 427 plots were lying unused in Mumbai. All these plots have been leased for various purposes over a period of 30 to 20 years. It has more than 350 plots in Borivali division. However, no construction has been done on this plot by the beneficiaries. As per the agreement, it is mandatory to develop the plot within a specified period and bring it into use. In case of violation of this rule, the right to take possession of the plot is canceled by canceling the distribution of the plot. Accordingly, the board has decided to take possession of the land which has been lying fallow for many years. A show cause notice will be issued to the concerned beneficiaries. The official also clarified that further action will be taken after this. It is the intention of the Board to build houses on some of these plots and provide more houses to the common man through lottery. However, after the Gavaskar case, other beneficiaries are also expected not to cancel the distribution.

When asked about this, Mumbai Board Chief Officer Yogesh Mhase confirmed that 427 plots were lying unused. However, he declined to give further details.

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