5 members of the same family commit suicide, Chimurda dies of starvation; Exciting events revealed!

In 2018, 11 members of the same family committed suicide in the national capital, Delhi. Something similar has happened in Bangalore and it has been revealed that five members of the same family have committed suicide. At the same time, the police have come to know that a 9-month-old Chimukalya died of starvation in the house and a two-and-a-half-year-old girl has survived. All this came to light after a member of the family returned home from the suburbs a few days later. Upon receiving the information, the police immediately rushed to the spot and started further investigation.

According to police, the deceased have been identified as Bharti (54), Sinchana (34), Sindhurani (31) and Madhusagar (25). The bodies of all of them were found strangled in the house. Also, the body of a 9-month-old Chimukalya was found on the bed. What is special is that only one and a half year old girl survived in all these cases. The girl has been rushed to a hospital for examination and treatment.

What exactly happened?

It all came to light on Friday. When Halegiri Shankar, a member of the family, returned home from the suburbs four to five days later, the house was locked from the inside. Police were called when no one opened the house despite ringing several bells. Yaveli police broke down the door of the house and entered the house. They then found the bodies of four people hanging from the ceiling in different rooms of the house. At the same time, the body of 9-month-old Chimukalya was lying on the bed, police said. A two-and-a-half-year-old girl survived the ordeal and is undergoing treatment. Of these, Bharti is Shankar’s wife. The other three are his children and two Chimurde are his grandchildren.

‘She’ trembling incident in Delhi!

A similar incident took place in 2018 in the capital Delhi. In this, 11 members of the same family had committed suicide. However, in due course of time, it became clear from the investigation that all of them had lost their lives in the aghori act. The incident took place in Burari area of ​​Delhi. Ten members of the family were found hanging from the roof of the house, while the body of a woman was found on the ground in another room. The investigation had revealed that he died due to superstition of resurrection even after death.

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