550 rape cases in Mumbai in seven months

Violence against women escalates as soon as the lockout is relaxed

Mumbai: As the lockout begins to loosen, the incidence of atrocities against women seems to have increased. In the seven-month period from January to July this year, 550 rape cases have been registered in Mumbai. About 1100 cases of molestation were registered. This is clear from the statistics of Mumbai Police.

The entire state, including Mumbai, was stunned by the inhumane treatment of women in the Sakinaka area. The woman was sexually abused inhumanely. The victim died in the incident. This incident has again raised the issue of women’s safety. As the lockout loosens and the bustle escalates, the incidence of violence against women seems to be on the rise.

Between January and July last year, there were 377 incidents of rape in Mumbai. The accused were arrested in 299 cases. This year, the crime rate has increased to 550 rape cases in Mumbai. Of these, 445 accused have been arrested. Crimes of molestation have also increased. In the first seven months of last year, 985 cases of molestation were registered. This year 1100 crimes have been reported. This includes cases of abuse of minor girls. In the full year of 2020, there were 767 incidents of rape in Mumbai, while 1945 cases of molestation were registered.

Incidents of dowry also

Dowry types have been reduced but not completely discontinued. There have been 8 incidents of dowry victimization in Mumbai and 397 women have lodged complaints for dowry harassment.

The proportion of girls is higher

Statistics show that underage girls are more likely to be victims of violence. In the seven months of rape in Mumbai this year, 323 minor girls were sexually assaulted, while 227 adult women were raped. Under Pokso Act, 243 cases of molestation have been registered in 7 months.

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