55,000 fine from shopkeepers using banned plastic bags; Action on those who throw garbage on the road fine from shopkeepers banned plastic bags Action against throw garbage road amy 95

Kalyan- A special campaign has been launched by the municipality for the last two years to make the cities of Kalyan Dombivali plastic free. Traders, shopkeepers and peddlers are prohibited from using banned plastics. In such a situation, the team of solid waste department of the municipality took action against the traders who stole the banned plastic in the shop and sold it to the customers. A total fine of Rs 55,000 was recovered from such traders, said Atul Patil, Deputy Commissioner, Solid Waste Department.

For the last two years, the former Deputy Commissioner of Solid Waste Department, Dr. Plastic Free Campaign is being started with the initiative of Ramdas Kokare. The Solid Waste Department has launched a number of initiatives and action campaigns for the release of plastics. Kokare, the then deputy commissioner, had imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on a woman deputy commissioner for using banned plastics at a function in the municipality to show how strict the corporation is about the use of banned plastics.

With the transfer of Kokare, now Deputy Commissioner Patil is in charge of the solid waste department. Deputy Commissioner Patil has also instructed the action squad to take strict action regarding plastic elimination. Many shopkeepers steal and use plastic to deliver goods from the bag to the customer. Some peddlers hide plastic bags in the lower, lower side of the basket. The municipality has noticed that the goods are being given to the customer from those bags. Therefore, strict action should be taken against wholesalers and retailers who use plastic. They should be fined. If the trader is not ready to pay the fine, then legal action should be taken against him, said Deputy Commissioner Patil.

The plastic elimination action team from Khadakpada, Birla Mahavidyalaya Road area in Kalyan West recovered Rs 5,000 from shopkeepers and Rs 20,000 from Shivaji Chowk, Mohammad Ali Chowk, Laxmi Market, Jhunjharrao Bazar area. In Dombivali, the team visited 21 places in F ward area, MIDC, railway station area and seized 20 kg of banned plastics, informed Deputy Commissioner Patil.

Action on waste throwers

The municipality has imposed restrictions on dumping of garbage in public places. The municipality has started bell carts in every building, hut and slum area to collect garbage. So put the trash in the doorbell. The municipality constantly appeals not to throw garbage on the road. Still, some residents throw rubbish on the streets. The health inspectors of the solid waste department have taken punitive action against 12 residents of Kalyan and Dombivali and recovered a total fine of Rs 4,000 from them. The operation was carried out in Titwala, Manda, Dombivali, Ayre and Rajaji road areas.

The use of banned plastics from the cities of Kalyan and Dombivli has been greatly reduced. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The administration is making efforts to rid the cities of garbage. It is everyone’s responsibility to make the city plastic free. -Atul Patil Deputy Commissioner, Solid Waste Department

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