60% of adolescents are vaccinated

Plan to give 100% vaccine in a week

Navi Mumbai: With the onset of Corona outbreak, vaccination in the city has also gained momentum. In it, the municipal administration has emphasized on vaccination of adolescent children, 8,000 to 9,000 people are being vaccinated every day and 60% of the eligible beneficiaries have been given first dose. The number of people taking both the vaccines in the city has gone up to 90 percent. Vaccination of children in the age group of 15 to 18 started in the city from January 3. 73,373 students in the city are eligible for this. Municipal administration has planned to vaccinate 206 schools. In the first five days alone, the municipality has completed 59.88 percent vaccination. The target is to vaccinate 100% of the students in this group within the next week.

It has been decided to vaccinate the schools under their jurisdiction from 3rd to 10th January through 23 Municipal Health Centers. A total of 73,373 students born in 2007 or earlier in 206 schools, both municipal and private, will be vaccinated. It is planned to vaccinate 8,000 to 10,000 students daily in more than 25 schools.

Eligible students – 73373

The first dose 43938 five days vaccination 3 January – 9070

January 4 – 10,005

January 5, 8846

January 6 – 8435

January 7, 7582

Total – 43938

Students are being given Covacin vaccine. In five days, 43,938 students have been vaccinated. However, all other parents should get their children vaccinated.

Dr. Ratnaprabha Chavan, Head of Vaccination

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