7 ministers in Gujarat’s new cabinet have criminal background, while 19 ministers are billionaires!

After the resignation of Vijay Rupani, Bhupendra Patel became the new Chief Minister of Gujarat. The BJP has completely changed the face of Gujarat’s cabinet in the run-up to next year’s assembly elections. The Gujarat cabinet on Thursday included 25 ministers, including 21 who became ministers for the first time. That does not include any of former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani’s aides. Meanwhile, at least a quarter of Gujarat’s new cabinet ministers have been charged. Also, three-quarters of the 25 ministers have assets worth crores, according to the Gujarat Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms.

According to a recent report by Election Watchdog, seven of the 25 ministers in the new cabinet are involved in criminal cases. Three of them have been charged with serious offenses. Also, 19 out of 25 ministers are millionaires. Among the ministers charged are Patel Raghavjibhai Hansrajbhai, Arvindbhai Gordhanbhai Rayani, Waghani Jitendrabhai Savjibhai and Rajendra Trivedi. Minister Parmar Pradipbhai Khanabhai, Jitubhai Chaudhary and Sanghvi Harsh Ramesh Kumar have been booked for serious offenses. Patel has only two women in his 25-member cabinet and all the ministers have an average wealth of Rs 3.95 crore.

The richest minister is Patel Rishikesh Ganeshbhai from Visnagar constituency. His net worth is Rs 14.95 crore. The least declared minister is Chauhan Arjun Singh Udesingh from Mehmedabad constituency with a net worth of Rs 12.57 lakh. The educational qualification of 13 out of 25 ministers is between 8th to 12th standard. Eleven ministers have declared their academic qualifications to be graduates or higher. The important thing is that a minister is only literate.

Meanwhile, a total of 13 ministers have stated their age to be between 31-50 years. So, 12 ministers have said that their age is between 51-70 years.

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