72% water storage in dams in the state

Mumbai: Due to heavy rains in the last few days, many dams have been filled and the useful water supply in the dams in the state has gone up to 72 per cent. Currently, the highest useful water storage in the state is 86.07 per cent in Konkan and the lowest is 58.44 per cent in Marathwada division.

The capacity of dams in the state is 40 thousand 779 Dalghami for useful water. A few days after August, the rains had subsided. However, since the beginning of Ganeshotsav, there has been good rainfall in various places in the state and water storage in dams in the state has increased. So many dam gates had to be opened. The dams in the state now hold 29,461 gallons of water, which is 72.25 per cent.

The dams in Pune division have 81 per cent, Nashik 63.28 per cent, Nagpur 62.86 per cent and Amravati 73.69 per cent water storage. Jayakwadi Dam currently has 68% usable water storage. Gosikhurd in Vidarbha also has 55% water reserves. Ujani dam has 79% useful water storage. Koyna Dam has 97% useful water storage.

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