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Rajeshwar Thackeray
Nagpur: The controversy erupted over BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya’s statement that firefighters should be given priority in the BJP office as security guards. Singh has called Vijayvargiya’s statement a joke. V.K. Singh was talking to media persons when he came to Nagpur for an event.

Asked if Vijay Varghese had made the statement that Agniveer would be kept as a security guard in the BJP office after completing four years, Singh said he must have joked. The Union Home Ministry, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh government should make it clear that firefighters will be given priority in the job. The Chief Ministers of the states where the agitation is taking place should make such an announcement.

Regarding the ‘Agneepath’ scheme, General V.K. Singh said a committee was set up after the Kargil war. Then the idea of ​​Agneepath Yojana came up. It starts with thinking about how it will be implemented. The demand for making military training compulsory in India has been going on for the last 30-40 years. That work should be done through the National Student Army (NCC), we say. But it was demanded that it would be appropriate to get training from the army itself. The Agneepath scheme will provide military training to the youth. Seventy-five per cent of them will retire after four years and those who have special qualities will become regular in the service. The scheme will fulfill both the objectives, he added. Said Singh.

Did we invite for recruitment?
He wants to join the Indian Army voluntarily. Agneepath also wants to come voluntarily in this scheme. If you don’t want to be recruited, don’t. Why do you set fire to buses and trains? Has anyone invited you to come for a job in the army?

Hired youth for agitation
Asked about the remarks made by Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, Singh said, Rahul Gandhi The Congress is in a state of shock as the ED probe is underway. As a result, the Congress is misleading the youth about the ‘Agneepath’ scheme and is trying to provoke riots in the country. Youths are being recruited by giving money to training institutes.

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