Accelerate political movements in Gujarat; Vijay Rupani resigns after meeting with Governor

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has resigned. He handed over his resignation to Governor Acharya Devvrat on Saturday. After resigning, Rupani thanked Prime Minister Modi. I will fulfill any responsibility given to me. I have been given the responsibility of Chief Minister for 5 years, this is a big thing, said Vijay Rupani. With just a year to go before the state assembly elections, Rupani has resigned. Therefore, all eyes will be on the new Chief Minister.

Party responsibilities change over time. This is a natural process in the party. “It is a great thing that I got the responsibility of the Chief Minister for 5 years,” Vijay Rupani told reporters after his resignation. “JP Nadda’s guidance is unprecedented for me too. Now I will fulfill whatever responsibility I get. We call him position no responsibility. I have fulfilled the responsibility that was given to me. We are fighting the state elections under the leadership of Narendra Modi and the elections of 2022 will also be fought under his leadership, ”said Vijay Rupani.

On December 26, 2017, Rupani was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the second time. The BJP had won 99 out of 182 seats in Gujarat. The Legislative Party meeting elected Rupani as the Leader of the Legislative Party and Nitin Patel as the Deputy Leader.

Disagreements between Vijay Rupani and party organization

Vijay Rupani and the party organization were said to be at loggerheads for several days. He had differences with BJP state president CR Patil. Just last year, the BJP had lodged a report with the party against Rupani. Political experts also say that the grip of the government under Vijay Rupani is loosening. The image of the Rupani government at work was weakening.

Discussions and resignation to change leadership in Gujarat government

For the past few days, there has been talk of a change of leadership in the Gujarat government. Union Home Minister Amit Shah had suddenly reached Ahmedabad around 8 pm on Thursday. No information was given about his visit to Gujarat. State Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja, Mayor Kirit Parmar and Standing Committee Chairman Hitesh Barot arrived at the airport to welcome Amit Shah. Although Amit Shah went to his sister’s house on Thursday night, it was believed that he had come for family work. But now, after Vijay Rupani’s resignation, there are rumors that Amit Shah may have come to Gujarat for a change of government.

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