Action against peddlers on sidewalks in Khadakpada, Godrej Hill area in Kalyan officers B ward municipality Action against peddlers sidewalks Khadakpada Godrej Hill area Kalyan amy 95

Ward B officials of the municipality took action against peddlers who were blocking the sidewalks and alleys of Godrel Hill, Khadakpada, Cinemax, Spring Time Hotel area known as New Kalyan in Kalyan West.

Keep sidewalks, roads clear in rainy season. Pedestrians should be able to walk on the road without obstruction. For this, the seniors have given orders to the assistant commissioners to take action against those obstructing the sidewalks. Roads in Godrej Hill, Khadakpada, Sai Chowk, Gholpanagar, Spring Time Hotel area which are part of New Kalyan are occupied by peddlers. Residents of the area had lodged a complaint with Assistant Commissioner, Ward B, Kishor Thakur, alleging that pedestrians could not walk on the sidewalk. Assistant Commissioner Thakur with the help of Encroachment Control, Feriwala Hatav Squad demolished more than 50 handcarts, carts and tapers on footpaths in B ward boundary.

A similar action was taken by Hema Mumbarkar, Assistant Commissioner, Kalyan East, on the roads and sidewalks of the old Janata Bank premises.

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