Additional railway coaches to be leased to private companies; The big decision of the railways

Private companies will now be able to buy spare coaches from Indian Railways. According to the policy formulated by Indian Railways, private companies will soon be able to hire and purchase railway coaches to run trains based on cultural, religious and other tourism. According to a statement issued by the Railways, it is planned to hire additional railway coaches and bare shells.

Bare shells are containers that are not used for some reason. The railways sell such coaches in scrap. But the coaches are in good condition and are not used as they are extra. Now such coaches will be given to private companies. The Railways said in a press release on Saturday that the Railway Ministry has set up an executive director-level committee to formulate the policy and terms and conditions of the project.

According to the official statement, interested companies can purchase railway coaches. Interested buyers are allowed to make minor repairs to the bins. At the same time, the minimum lease term is proposed to be 5 years. This means that interested buyers are required to purchase a railway carriage for at least 5 years.

This period can be extended. If the condition of the box is good, the lease period will be extended. The interested buyer will develop his own business model or make a decision. This will include railway routes, travel rates, etc. In addition, there will be an easy registration process for buyers based on eligibility criteria.

Other advertisements will be allowed inside the train. Apart from this, timeliness will have to be given priority over the companies operating railway coaches. No transportation will be available for maintenance repairs except for the renewal of coaches and timely approval for travel.

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