Aerobics projects in four industries in Jalna


Jalna: To increase the supply of oxygen required by the industry and for medical treatment, four industries have come forward to manufacture iron rods in the industrial estate at Jalna. One of the industries has set up an oxygen-to-air project and the other three are expected to be completed by the end of this month.

The need for oxygen also increased as the number of corona patients increased in the second wave. A year ago, after the outbreak of corona virus infection in the state, an independent hospital dedicated to corona was set up with the funds of Jalna District Planning Committee, health department and local people. Later the district hospital was also converted into a corona hospital. Initially, a liquid oxygen project was set up at this place about a year ago. Then another project of liquid oxygen was set up from the social responsibility fund of local entrepreneurs. Now another project to take oxygen from the air will be set up in the vicinity of the district hospital.

Oxygen is required for the processing of the local iron rod industry. But as the number of Corona patients increased, the district ordered the closure of three liquid oxygen projects in the industry. Restrictions were placed on the two industries from which these industries were taking liquefied oxygen at the local level and the supply of liquefied oxygen as well as the oxygen produced there was restricted to corona for treatment only.

The decision prompted iron rod entrepreneurs to set up air-to-air projects. At a meeting of iron rod manufacturers held in the presence of Divisional Commissioner Sunil Kendrakar and District Collector Ravindra Binwade, it was decided to set up a project to take oxygen from the air considering the need of the industry and the possibility of a possible third wave of corona. Accordingly, one industry set up such a project in eighteen days.

A project has been started to take oxygen from the air in the steel industry here. For this, they brought the relevant machinery from Coimbatore in less time. The project is currently supplying free oxygen to Corona patients at Jalna District Hospital. The project has also supplied oxygen to Parbhani District Hospital. Kalika, SRJ and Om Sairam, three local iron rod manufacturing industries, are also setting up such projects. Apart from this, through the state government’s health department, air-to-oxygen projects will be set up at District Government Hospital, Jalna Government Women’s Hospital, Agrasen Bhavan, Corona Treatment Center, Government Hospitals at Ambad and Rajur.

– Ravindra Binwade, Collector, Jalna.

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