“After 2.5 crore vaccinations in the country, the fever of one political party increased”, Modi’s indirect criticism of Congress

On the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, people enthusiastically participated in the Corona Vaccination Campaign in the states. In Bihar, the highest dose of corona vaccine has been given, making it the biggest birthday present for Prime Minister Modi. According to the data available on the Co-Win portal, doses of 2 crore 37 lakh 73 thousand vaccines have been given till 11:20 pm on Friday. As a result, the total number of doses of vaccines given so far across the country has exceeded 79.13 crore, according to the Union Ministry of Health. The Prime Minister then interacted with Goa healthcare workers and beneficiaries of Kovid vaccine through video conferencing. This time, he has targeted opponents with a record of vaccinations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with Goa healthcare workers and beneficiaries of Kovid vaccine through video conferencing. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Goa also attended the dialogue conference. Every eligible person in Goa has received one dose of vaccine. This is a big thing in the fight against Corona. Prime Minister Modi congratulated all the people of Goa for this.

“Did you interact with the citizens when they were vaccinated after you told them?” I have one more question to ask. Because I am not a scientist or a doctor. I have heard that one in 100 people get infected after getting vaccinated. Doctors say that high fever also disturbs the mental balance. But I want to know, yesterday when health workers gave vaccines to more than two and a half crore people. I have heard that some of them have suffered. But this is the first time that I have seen a political party get into trouble after 12 and a half crore people were vaccinated. Their fever has increased. Is there any logic to this ?, Prime Minister Modi has said.

“When we vaccinated people, we told them we were giving the vaccine to prevent coronary heart disease. You may have some problems after the vaccination. We want to continue wearing masks, washing hands and keeping distance after getting vaccinated, ”said a doctor who interacted with Modi.

“Thanks to the efforts of all of you, India has set a world record of 2.5 crore vaccines in a single day. Many of the world’s most capable nations have failed to do so. Many birthdays came, many birthdays went. There are many ways to celebrate a birthday but it is very special because of all your efforts. People in the medical field are working hard day and night. The record of vaccination done yesterday is a big thing, ”said Prime Minister Modi.

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