“After Onam, Kerala and after the festival of Goddess, Kolkata was closed, just like Mumbai after Ganeshotsav”!

Experts say that 15 days after Ganeshotsav is important. Coronary heart disease is expected to increase during this period. Against this backdrop, while the process of unlocking is also underway in the state in phases, there is a demand to open a swimming pool in Mumbai. The MNS has demanded that the swimming pool in Mumbai’s Shivaji Park area be opened for players to practice. Sandeep Deshpande on behalf of MNS met Mayor Kishori Pednekar and gave him a statement in this regard. After that, the mayor has promised to discuss the matter with the chief minister. It has also appealed to Mumbaikars to be careful to avoid possible danger.

Will discuss with the Chief Minister

“There is a big competition next month. His statement has been given to me by Sandeep Deshpande and Santosh Dhuri. I have spoken to our AMC Ashwini Bhide about it. The Chief Minister had said three days ago that the situation of Ganpati has come, we want to pay attention to it. In this context, we will talk to the Chief Minister in this regard. We will ask about the statement of the players. It was decided by them that later we will prepare the rest from the corporation, ”said Kishori Pednekar while talking to reporters.

“Mumbai should not be closed either, so”

“Kerala was closed after Onam, Kolkata was closed after the celebration of Goddess to Kolkata. We are taking steps to ensure that Mumbai does not close like this. The investigation has been extended. Many people are afraid of checking. Coming from outside, if Kovid leaves, he will have to be quarantined for 14 days. But people should not be afraid. If you have had both, do not panic. Just wear a mask. Check if you have a cold, cough, or fever. Unfortunately Kovid has left, so we have the facility. Kovid is now slowly recovering as well. If you stay in the house scared and the covid grows, it will be difficult to save you, ”said the mayor.


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