Agnipath Scheme: “Nazi movement will start with Agnipath, RSS will take over the army with the help of firefighters,” Serious allegations against Modi government | Agnipath Scheme Ex Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy RSS Agniveers Army Nazi movement sgy 87

Former Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has slammed the RSS for its “hidden agenda” to take over the Army. He also said that Agniveer would be an RSS activist even after enlisting in the army and ending his service. Kumaraswamy’s statement is likely to cause a big uproar.

“Will the RSS leaders appoint him or the army?” Now 1 million people will be recruited and RSS workers will probably be recruited in the army. Two and a half lakh workers will probably be recruited in the army and sending 75 per cent youth out by paying Rs 11 lakh is a hidden agenda. They will be sent to different places across the country, ”claimed Kumaraswamy.

Speaking further, he said, “These people inside and outside the SSS are planning to take over the army.” Kumaraswamy, while referring to the RSS as the “Fire Path”, recalled that the RSS was formed during Hitler’s Nazi rule in Germany.

“Maybe they (RSS) want to impose Nazi rule in the country. For this, they have brought Agneepath Yojana. There are many points of discussion in this regard. I have many doubts in my mind about this scheme, ”said Kumaraswamy.

“2.5 lakh youths will be recruited from Agneepath, they will be RSS workers. This is the hidden agenda of the RSS. The 75 per cent youth who will be sent out after four years of service will spread across the country. If they too belong to the RSS, then this is an attempt to gain control of the army, ”said Kumaraswamy.

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