Ahmed Masood is still fighting the Taliban in Panjshir; It was reported that he had fled to Turkey

The Taliban have begun taking control of large parts of the Panjshir Valley, a stronghold of insurgents in Afghanistan. People who support the rebels are being targeted. Former Vice President Amarullah Saleh’s brother was brutally murdered by the Taliban. Ahmed Masood, who is now fighting the Taliban in the Panjshir Valley, was also reported to have fled Panjshir to Turkey. It is learned that Ahmed Masood is still in Afghanistan.

The Taliban now control 70 percent of Panjshir. Iran’s Fars news agency quoted some sources as saying. Rumors that Ahmed Shah Masood’s son Ahmed Masood fled to Turkey or any other country are false. Masood is safe in Afghanistan, the news agency said.

The Taliban claimed control of the hitherto undefeated Panjshir province last week. However, the National Opposition Front (NRF) denied the claim by the rebel army fighting the Taliban. The NRF is led by Ahmed Masood and former Afghan Vice President Amarullah Saleh. Saleh had declared himself the caretaker president of Afghanistan.

च्या until the last drop of blood; Ahmed Masood’s reaction to the Taliban’s claim of getting Panjshir

Qasim Mohammadi, a close associate of Masood, told Fars News Agency. “The Taliban have recently entered Panjshir and now occupy 70 per cent of the main roads,” he said, adding that the Panjshir valley is still completely under insurgent control.

Last Wednesday, the ousted Afghan government ambassador to Tajikistan also said that Ahmed Massoud and Amarullah Saleh had not fled Afghanistan and that their troops were still fighting the Taliban. Ambassador Zaheer Agbar told a news conference that he was in constant contact with Saleh and was away from any contact for security reasons.

Amarullah Saleh’s brother, Rohullah Azizi, was killed by the Taliban in the Battle of Panjshir. The Taliban did not even allow Rohullah’s body to be buried. Rohullah had been fighting the Taliban in Panjshir for the past several days. Was also the commander of the unit. “My uncle was killed by the Taliban,” Abdullah Saleh told Reuters.

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