All ministers including CM need psychiatric treatment!

Since all the ministers including the Chief Minister need psychiatric treatment, first admit them to the psychiatric center.

The state government has pretended to be asleep. As all the ministers, including the Chief Minister, need psychiatric treatment, they should be admitted to a psychiatric center first, said Radhakrishna Vikhe, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly. Needless to say, who raised the prices of dams? “Everyone knows that,” Vikhe said, indirectly targeting the NCP.
Vikhe visited the drought-hit areas of the district on Thursday. He spoke to reporters at the Government Rest House. The state government has no qualms about the drought. Instead of helping to stop the suicides of farmers, it is setting up psychiatric centers at the district level. Farmers do not want to commit suicide. As the mental balance of the ministers is deteriorating, the entire cabinet, including the Chief Minister, needs psychiatric treatment, so they should be admitted to such a center first, said Vikhe.
There is discord among the ministers. They don’t even know who is talking. The Chief Minister did not inspect the drought but came for tourism. He also alleged that the visits of Union ministers and ministers were all drama. The Chief Minister is just making a speech. Then why don’t they put it into action, Vikhe also asked. At present the system called government does not exist. Farmers are seeking permission to commit suicide. This is happening for the first time in the history of Maharashtra. However, the government is revolving around the rules. All ministers are ignorant. They are playing with public sentiment. He further added that if the situation remains as it is, law and order will be a problem in the near future and the entire responsibility will be on the state government. There is no harmony between Shiv Sena and BJP and there are disputes over their superiority. Shiv Sena has nothing to give or take from farmers. This is a party that is fighting for power, said Vikhe.
I never stopped the water of Jayakwadi. He also alleged that the then Water Resources Minister did not convene a meeting of the people’s representatives of Marathwada and Nagar districts regarding this water, only a regional dispute was created. I am and will always be ready for any meeting regarding water sharing of Jayakwadi. He also asked why only 27 per cent water was used for irrigation when Jayakwadi was 100 per cent full ten years ago.
It is not necessary to say how much the dams cost and who increased them. “Everyone knows this,” Vikhe said, targeting the NCP. Congress has made all preparations to wake up the sleeping government. The Congress will work to convey the sentiments of the farmers to the state and central government by taking resolutions in the village meetings. “We have asked the state government to convene a special session on debt waiver for the farmers and the opposition will co-operate fully in this session,” he said.
The Youth Congress went on a mass hunger strike on Thursday over the drought issue. At this place, Vikhe interacted with the activists. Congress District President Suresh Deshmukh, former MP Tukaram Renge, Suresh Varpudkar, Deputy Mayor Bhagwan Waghmare, Nagsen Bherje, Nadeem Inamdar, Balasaheb Deshmukh, Siddharth Hatti Ambire and others were present.

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