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Kalyan- For the last three days Eknath Shinde Although not a single Shiv Sainik from Kalyan, Dombivali has spoken openly about his rebellion, Kak Hardas, a senior Shiv Sainik from Kalyan, was the first to comment on Shinde’s rebellion. Uncle Hardas said that if Shinde revolted, if anyone showed fear of ED, if Shinde left the pro-builder, then the Shiv Sena chief’s loyal bitter Shiv Sainik in Kalyan will be with Uddhav Thackeray.

On the background of Shinde’s mutiny, media representatives interacted with him at the residence of Kaka Hardas. He was talking at the time. It is said that there are 40 MLAs behind Shinde. Uncle said that it is his prediction that all these people will be given the post of Deputy Chief Minister and Minister only after asking them to join BJP and not as an independent group.

If you look at Shinde’s rebellion, very low level disgusting politics is going on in the state. Shinde did not like some issues in the state government. If he wanted to talk about party issues, he needed to contact Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray directly. Army, leaders had to speak in front of ministers. The question would have escaped the discussion. This time would not have come, said Kaka.

The points made by Shinde during the mutiny are inconsistent. The army has moved away from the Hindutva of the Shiv Sena chief. Shinde should explain what Hindutva thought is. Hindutva cannot be taken away by anyone. The reason given is that funds are not available for development works. Earlier, during the BJP government, Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde did not provide funds, so one of them had lodged a complaint directly with the Chief Minister. So now Kaka asked why and for whom these fund plays.

The big politics behind Shinde’s rebellion and his calling are different. They are suffering due to the loss of power of BJP. They are shaking the government, fearing an ED probe into Sasemira. The picture is the same now. Unless two or four developers from Kalyan leave Shiv Sainik, all the loyal Shiv Sainiks of Kalyan are behind Uddhav Thackeray, said Kaka. Eknath Shinde was the first name to come forward as the Chief Minister while forming the Mahavikas Aghadi government. Due to Sharad Pawar’s insistence, Uddhav had to accept the post.

Uddhav Thackeray ruled well for two and a half years. It started with Karona Mahasath. The central government raised several hurdles such as non-payment of development funds, GST to the state. The Opposition did dirty politics on an individual level without taking the role of state interest. Asked whether Kripashankar Singh, Narayan Rane and others went to the BJP as very pious, Kaka Hardas said that 40 people are Alibaba and 40 are thieves. Everyone’s hand is found somewhere. As they are stuck in financial transactions, they have resorted to Shinde for protection. Except for a few people on the other side of the fence, the loyal Shiv Sainik is behind Uddhav Thackeray, said Kaka.

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