An audio message was issued by Mullah Bardar of the Taliban on the news of the death; Said

Rumors have been circulating for the past few days that Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Gani Bardar has died in a power struggle with Haqqani Network leader Anas Haqqani. However, Bardar himself has given an explanation on these rumors. He has issued an audio message. He said he was alive and well and that it was fake news.

For the past two days, news claiming that Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund was seriously injured in a shootout between rival Taliban groups at the Bardar Rashtrapati Bhavan, known as his deputy, has been going viral on social media. Replying to this, Bardar says in his audio message, “Last few nights, I went on a trip. We are all right where I am now, all my brothers and friends are all right.

“The media always publishes false propaganda. So, reject it all with false courage, and I assure you one hundred percent that we have no problem, ”said Bardar.

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Although Hindustan Times has reported about this, he has given an explanation that we cannot be sure about this audio.

According to several media reports, a shooting took place in Kabul on Friday night. In fact, there was a power struggle between two senior Taliban leaders – the group’s co-founder Mullah Abdul Gani Bardar and the Afghan Taliban leader Haqqani. It is rumored that the incident took place due to alleged differences among the new Taliban leaders. But the fact is that Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front (NRF) is fighting hard against the Taliban who want to take over the last bastion of the country.

Hibatullah Akhundzada, the Taliban’s top leader, had also been rumored to have died for years. Earlier, a spokesman for the group said he was in Kandahar two weeks after taking office .The group formally announced its government after taking control of Afghanistan last month.

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