An increase in the number of patients in hospitals

More patients on intensive care beds

Mumbai: Due to the easing of restrictions and the hustle and bustle on the eve of Ganeshotsav, the number of coronary heart disease patients has started increasing and the number of patients in Mumbai has started increasing gradually. While the number of patients undergoing treatment for corona is also increasing, the number of patients admitted to hospitals in the city is also increasing. This is mainly due to the high demand for beds in the intensive care unit.

After the easing of restrictions in Mumbai from August 15, the number of patients has started to increase gradually. On Wednesday, the daily number of patients went above 500. The number of restricted housing complexes has also reached 50. The number of patients undergoing treatment has also increased. As the number of patients increases, so does the number of hospital admissions. There has not been much increase in the number of general beds. But there has been some increase in the demand for intensive care and artificial respiration.

Nair Hospital had only ten patients four days ago. Now the number of patients has gone beyond 25. Therefore, as the number of patients is increasing, the departments of the hospital are being opened. At present, two departments of 80 beds have been started, said the superintendent of Nair Hospital, Dr. Ramesh Bharmal said.

The number of patients has been increasing for the last eight days. One to two patients are being admitted every day, said the head of Mulund Corona Hospital, Dr. Pradip Angre said. The number of patients in the hospital has increased to some extent, but the proportion is slightly scattered. One day 15 to 20 patients and sometimes five patients are admitted. All hospitals, including jumbo hospitals, have been instructed to be prepared accordingly. Adequate stocks of medicines are also available in the hospitals. If the patient is admitted on time, treatment will start early. It has also been found in the last few days that if the patient is admitted early, he recovers and goes home in five to six days, said Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.

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