Anand Dighe’s nephew to replace Eknath Shinde ?; Kedar Dighe said, “After Anand Dighe is gone, I …” kedar dighe says cant fill space created by revolt of Eknath shinde scsg 91

Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde The mutiny has caused a major political earthquake in Maharashtra. Eknath Shinde With pro-MLA MLAs in Guwahati, the state’s Mahavikas Aghadi government is in the minority. Against this backdrop, Shiv Sainiks have also become aggressive. Meanwhile, Kedar Dighe, nephew of Eknath Shinde’s political guru Anand Dighe, while commenting on the issue, has expressed his views on who will fill the void created by Eknath Shinde’s revolt.

The revolt of Eknath Shinde has created space in the Shiv Sena leadership in Thane. So now the discussion has started on who has the leadership. Some people are discussing this with you. How do you view this? This question was asked to Kedar Dighe. Replying to this, Kedar Dighe said, “For the last 21 years, after the departure of Anand Dighe Saheb, I have been working in the Shiv Sena under Shiv Sena in Thane and Palghar rural areas. I resigned at the age of 38. Because I wanted the young people coming from the back to work for this organization, ”he said.

Speaking further, “The only thing left to do after Eknath Shinde is to fill the vacancy. Eknath Shinde was the Minister. He was an MLA for many years. Was the district head, was the liaison head. He has held many positions. I don’t have a post, I don’t have an MLA, I don’t have an MP, I don’t have any position. I consider myself a normal performer. So should I fill this space? So I think comparisons only happen when people of the same age are in front. As for me, as Dighesaheb’s nephew, I will do my best to bring him together to strengthen the organization, ”he said.

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