Anand Sena’s saffron will fall on Thane Zilla Parishad due to Eknath Shinde’s revolt? | Will Anand Senas saffron To shine on Thane Zilla Parishad due to Eknath Shindes revolt msr 87

To stop the BJP from coming to power in Thane Zilla Parishad, six years ago, rebel Shiv Sena leader and Anand Sena’s Adhvaryu Eknath Shinde threw a ‘lotus’ flower on the Zilla Parishad. And in order to bring Shiv Sena to power in Thane Zilla Parishad, without thinking of the consequences, the NCP, Congress and Shiv Sena formed a coalition. The flag of the front was hoisted on the Zilla Parishad. But now that the leader of this alliance has revolted, will the alliance in the Zilla Parishad break up? Will Shinde’s Shiv Sena’s saffron fall ?, such questions are now being raised in political circles.

A visit to ‘Matoshri’ on the one hand, and a phone call to Shinde on the other; Shiv Sena leaders and office bearers rush to Thane district

While leaving Shiv Sena, Anand Sena founder Eknath Shinde urged Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to leave NCP and Congress. Given Shinde’s dislike of both these parties, it is unlikely that he will stay with the Congress and NCP in Thane Zilla Parishad. A high-ranking political leader said that Shiv Sena and BJP would fly the saffron flag in the Zilla Parishad with the help of BJP, considering the new formula of establishing power in the state.

Demonstration of Eknath Shinde supporters in Thane canceled

Although Shiv Sena dominated the Municipal Corporations in Thane district, for many years Shiv Sena could not participate in Thane Zilla Parishad. Congress and NCP have strong support in Shahapur, Murbad, Bhiwandi, Ambernath, Ulhasnagar and Kalyan talukas of Thane district. On the strength of this power, the leaders of Congress and NCP were using their strength to elect their candidates from time to time and keep their right over the council intact. This was in the mind of Eknath Shinde. Six years ago, Shinde elected Shiv Sena candidates in the Zilla Parishad elections with full force. In any case, he tried to enter the Zilla Parishad, but by defeating the BJP, he joined the Zilla Parishad with the help of Congress and NCP.

The plan to establish power is now in the form of rebellion against the NCP and the Congress.

Shinde never complained about the power in the Zilla Parishad as the constituent parties of the Zilla Parishad are allies in the Mahavikas Aghadi government in the state. Shinde has revolted and shaken the Mahavikas Aghadi government as the leading NCP and Congress parties in the state have become too much. In Thane Zilla Parishad, the plan to establish power by tying the knot of Congress and NCP has now come to the fore in the form of rebellion against NCP and Congress.

Party strength in Zilla Parishad –

Thane Zilla Parishad has a total of 53 members. 2017’s Dist. W. Shiv Sena 26, BJP 15, NCP 10, Congress 1, Independent 1 were elected in the election. Nine out of 10 NCP members in Zilla Parishad, Congress and Independent members joined Shiv Sena. Dist. W. The strength of Shiv Sena is 37. The NCP has one member.

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