Annoying! The headmaster of the school took a bite of the student’s cheek; Breathless beating by villagers

An outrageous incident has come to light in which the headmaster of a school misbehaved with a minor girl student. After this, the angry villagers beat the headmaster to death. Police have registered a case against the headmaster under Poxo and have made an arrest. The shocking incident took place in Katihar district of Bihar.

According to a witness present at the scene, the headmaster tried to molest a 12-year-old girl in the fourth grade and bit her cheek. People rushed into the room after hearing the girl’s screams. The accused headmaster was then locked in a room in the school.

Meanwhile, the girl’s relatives and other villagers came to know about the incident. They had crowded outside the school. Police arrived at the scene shortly after. The accused was attacked by angry villagers while the police were taking away the headmaster. The headmaster was beaten to death with sticks in front of the police.

After this, the police rescued the accused from the crowd and took him to the police station. The video of the beating went viral on social media shortly after. The accused has claimed that he was mentally disturbed and that the act was committed by mistake.

Meanwhile, the villagers have said that such incidents had taken place before and that is why they have taken up the matter. Police have registered a case and arrested the accused. The girl has been sent for a medical examination. The villagers who have taken the law into their own hands have also been warned to take action.

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