Another shocking incident in Mumbai, a bamboo inserted into the genitals after the murder of the mother-in-law; Javaya arrested from Pune

After the inhumane rape and murder case at Sakinaka in Mumbai, another shocking incident at Vile Parle in Mumbai has come to light. A week ago, Mumbai police arrested a 42-year-old man from Pune. The man, who was arrested in a police operation on September 4, brutally murdered his mother-in-law on September 2. The accused was released on bail on September 1. While the accused was in jail, his wife had remarried. However, his mother-in-law did not inform him about this, so there was an argument between the two and it came to light that he had killed his mother-in-law. The shocking thing is that in this case also, like in Sakinaka case, the accused killed the woman by inserting an object in her genitals.

According to the police, the murder took place at around 11.30 pm on September 2 at Pitlewadi on Hanuman Road, east of Vile Parle. The deceased was identified as Shamal Singam, who was living with her daughter Lina. The accused Iqbal Sheikh, a resident of Bamanwada in Vile Parle, has been arrested by the police in the case. Iqbal and Lina were married in 2011. They have two sons, a son and a daughter.

Iqbal was released from Yerawada jail in Pune on September 1. Iqbal sentenced to three years in jail in Dahisar After Iqbal came out after completing his sentence, he went to see Lina. However, when he went to Lina’s house, Shamal informed him that Lina had remarried and that she had an 11-month-old son and that she was now pregnant again. “He threatened to leave Lina’s second husband and come back to her. The next day, when he went to see Lina and her children again, he noticed that Lina was not at her mother’s house, ”said Villeparle police.

When Iqbal asked Shamal where Lina and the children had gone, he refused to answer. This led to an argument between them. “Out of anger, he attacked his mother-in-law with a tile and a knife,” police said. Police found Shamal’s body lying in a pool of blood. Shamal died before he could be admitted to hospital. According to police, after being attacked with a knife, Iqbal inserted bamboo into his mother-in-law’s genitals and tried to remove her intestines. In this case, the police have also charged the accused under section 377, i.e. unnatural atrocities.

After the release of Iqbal Sheikh from Yerawada Jail, the police started searching for him as he may have gone back to Pune after the murder. According to police, Iqbal was in Pune. “Iqbal Sheikh was arrested from Bhosari,” said an assistant police inspector. Police claimed that Iqbal had changed his identity and was planning to stay in Nashik or Andhra Pradesh. Since Iqbal’s father lived in Andhra Pradesh, he was preparing to flee there. “There are 28 cases registered against Iqbal and he has been found guilty in eight cases,” Inspector Rajendra Kane told The Indian Express. Iqbal was twice deported from Mumbai. He has been charged with theft, chain theft and assault. He has now been arrested in a murder case.

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