Answer the Naxalites who obstructed the Surjagad project in Gadchiroli – Eknath Shinde

Orders have also been issued to seize the man-eating tiger as soon as possible

Answer the Naxalite activities that are obstructing the Surjagad iron ore project in Gadchiroli district. Such instructions have been given by Eknath Shinde, Guardian Minister of Urban Development and Gadchiroli District. He held a special meeting in Mumbai today (Tuesday) to review various issues in Gadchiroli district. In this meeting, he gave this order to Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police.
A 50-year-old man was recently killed near the Surjagad iron ore project in Gadchiroli district. The Naxals had written a letter with the body of the man warning him to stop the Surjagad project immediately. After this incident, Minister Shinde called an urgent meeting today and took stock of the situation there. The Superintendent of Police clarified that the deceased had nothing to do with the Surjagad project.

Police should be careful while patrolling –

The state government has decided to implement the Surjagad iron ore project and its implementation is a priority of the government. Therefore, if anyone is trying to obstruct the implementation of this project, Eknath Shinde instructed to answer it as it is. He also underlined the need for speedy improvement of roads and transport in the district to curb Naxal activities. He directed the concerned authorities to immediately approve the road proposals in the area. He also asked the Superintendent of Police and the District Collector to review the facilities provided by the company to the locals and the work of the training center. He also reviewed the work of Surjagad Outpost. He also advised the police to be careful while patrolling.

The Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police said that the police was on full patrol in the area and was monitoring every detail of the Naxals. Although Surjagad is a traditional route for Naxals from Chhattisgarh to Maharashtra, the police administration is fully prepared to prevent any untoward incidents, said Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal.

Capture man-eating tiger in Gadchiroli district –

In today’s meeting, Guardian Minister Shinde directed to arrest the man-eating tiger in Gadchiroli district as soon as possible. For this, Shinde directed the administration to seek the help of a world class organization like ‘Wildlife Trust of India’. At least 17 people have been killed and more than 500 animals have been killed in an attack by a man-eating tiger in Gadchiroli district. Efforts are being made by the district administration and the forest department to anesthetize the tiger. However, there is an atmosphere of fear among the citizens as the tiger has not been found yet. Shinde has instructed to take immediate measures on this.

A team of Wildlife Trust of India veterinary officers, scientists, biologists and hope experts will be able to find the tiger scientifically and take long-term measures to prevent future recurrence of the tiger, Shinde said.

Gadchiroli MLA Dr. Devrao Holi, Collector Sanjay Meena, Gadchiroli District Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal, Chief Forest Conservation Officer Mankar and other officials were present.


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