Antibodies in 86% of Mumbaikars

Findings from Municipal Corporation’s ‘Sero Survey’

Mumbai: While the third wave of Corona epidemic is being feared, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has given comforting information. In the fifth CERO survey conducted in Mumbai, 86.64 per cent citizens were found to have corona antibodies.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation on Friday announced the results of the fifth ‘Sero Survey’. According to the report, 90.26 per cent of the vaccinated citizens developed antibodies. Antibodies were found in 79.86 per cent of the unvaccinated citizens. The survey also found an increase in antibody development among slum dwellers and non-slum dwellers compared to previous surveys.

Sero surveys detect antibodies (corona antibodies) by testing blood samples. In Mumbai, three sero surveys have been conducted so far, while one special sero survey of children has been conducted. Against the backdrop of a possible third wave of corona, a fifth sero survey was conducted with pre-consent among 8,674 citizens over the age of 18 between August 12 and September 8, 2021.

The project was implemented by the Municipal Corporation’s Public Health Department, Lokmanya Tilak Hospital in Sion and in collaboration with ATE Chandra Foundation and IDFC Institute. The survey included patients coming to municipal hospitals and private medical professionals.

Municipal Health Officer Dr. Dr. Mangala Gomare, Deputy Executive Health Officer Dr. Daksha Shah, Head, Department of Medicine, Lokmanya Tilak Hospital Dr. Seema Bansode-Gokhe, Head, Department of Microbiology Sujata Baweja contributed to the survey as the chief investigator, while co-investigator Dr. Nair Hospital’s Department of Microbiology Professor and Head Jayanti Shastri as well as Dr. Pallavi Shelke, Dr. Shripad Taklikar, Dr. Desma D’Souza, Dr. Kiran Jagtap, Dr. Kalyani Ingole participated.

Collective immunity not yet!

Although corona antibodies are found in 86% of the population, it cannot be called collective immunity. But according to ICMR, in four-five months we will go to the endemic state. I mean, like swine flu, the virus will stay with you, but you don’t have to worry about it. However, Corona Preventive Measures, the cover must be used, said Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.


About 87.02 per cent in slums and about 86.22 per cent in non-slum areas

Sero positivity is 85.07 percent in males and 88.29 percent in females

Of those surveyed, 65 per cent had been vaccinated, while 35 per cent had not received a single dose

About 90.26 per cent of those vaccinated developed antibodies

Antibodies were also found in about 79.86 per cent of unvaccinated citizens

About 20 per cent of the samples surveyed were from health workers. The proportion of antibodies in this group is 87.14 percent

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