Are discos, bars, pubs health centers? ; Ashish Shelar scolds CM

Speaking at a function yesterday, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said, “Does the state need temples? Do we need health temples?” That was the question. Meanwhile, politics is on the rise. Why is the Chief Minister showing insensitivity towards both temples and health temples. Are the discos, bars and pubs in the state health centers? Asking this question, BJP leader Ashish Shelar has lashed out at the Chief Minister.

“Are you going to talk about discos, bars, pubs, that’s the answer we expect. Is cut commission and negotiation a strategic decision of this Thackeray government? Because are you ever going to comment on the issue of cut commissions in all the supply holders like Kovid Center, Isolation Center, Health Facilities, Sanitizer Allocation, Sanitization? ” That, too, Shelar said.

Shelar has raised some questions accusing the Thackeray government. “Owners of pubs, restaurants, bars are negotiated and after negotiations they are open. Do you make decisions with a cut commission policy? Liquor shops were opened to earn excise duty, malls were opened by the workers for reasons, then there is no hunger for selling coconuts, incense sticks, incense and flowers outside the temples? They have no right to live? Can’t the coroner’s rules about how many people come to the temple fill the stomachs of those selling coconuts, incense sticks and flowers outside? ”

“If the Chief Minister talks about health centers, then the Chief Minister has a request. In Thane district, 741 children from tribal areas have died in 6 months. Where is the health system, where are the health centers? Where are the infrastructure? Death after being bitten in the eye at a municipal hospital, treatment of a living man next to a Sion to Nair corpse, death in a toilet at the Covid Center and now the death of a child, the CM should show some sensitivity, ”Shelar said.

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