Asaduddin Owaisi BJP’s uncle; Rakesh Tikait

In the political battle that started on the occasion of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022, after ‘Abba Jaan’, now ‘Chachajan’ has entered. This is because Rakesh Tikait, the leader of the Indian Farmers Union (BKU) in Baghpat, has now targeted AIMIM national president Asaduddin Owaisi. This time, Rakesh Tikait has referred to Owaisi as the BJP’s ‘uncle’. “BJP’s ‘uncle’ Owaisi has now come to Uttar Pradesh. That will lead the BJP to victory. Now there is no problem, ”said Rakesh Tikait.

“BJP’s uncle Asaduddin Owaisi has arrived in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, even if he (Owaisi) criticizes him (BJP) in very harsh words, no case will be filed against him (Owaisi). Because, they are both the same team, ”said Rakesh Tikait. Rakesh Tikait had come to Tatiri village in Baghpat on Tuesday (September 14) to meet farmers. This time, Tikait has targeted Owaisi and the BJP.

Rakesh Tikait, who came to meet the farmers, also gave a statement regarding electricity tariff and MSP. “The most expensive electricity in the country is in UP,” Tikait said. Tikait further said, “Farmers do not get proper guarantee for their crops. The minimum base price for sugarcane should be Rs 650 per quintal. ”

Big scam in MSP! Tikait’s allegation

Rakesh Tikait said, “We are holding a dam in Delhi for the government to repeal the three agricultural laws and guarantee MSP. It is now coming to light that there is a big scam going on in MSP. The difference between government procurement of grain and wheat with the help of government, officials and traders is Rs 400 to Rs 500 per quintal. In Rampur, 11,000 fake farmers have bought the grain and sold it to some traders. ”

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