Attack plot in Maharashtra, Delhi

Six arrested

Six people have been arrested in India for carrying out terrorist attacks during the festive season, two of whom were trained by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Delhi Police said.

Police officials in Delhi claimed that the ISI had planned to carry out attacks on Dawood’s accomplices during the festive season in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Delhi Special Commissioner of Police Neeraj Thakur said the arrested were identified as Jan Mohammad Sheikh (47, Maharashtra), Osama alias Sami (22, Jamianagar), Mulchand alias Saju (47, Rae Bareli), Zeeshan Kamar (28, Allahabad). , Mohammad Abu Bakar (23, Bahraich), Mohammad Amir Javed (31, Lucknow).

Thakur said the ISI had planned to carry out the attacks by holding Dawood’s brother Anish Ibrahim by the hand. For this, weapons, explosives and grenades were to be delivered to different places. Of the six arrested, Osama and Zeeshan were said to have received training in Pakistan and were receiving instructions from the ISI. He was asked to patrol some places in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh to carry out the blast.

Thakur said those arrested were to play different roles in the terror plot. Sameer, a notorious goon close to Dawood’s brother Anees Ibrahim, was paid by Pakistan to carry out the plot. He was receiving instructions from terrorists hiding in Pakistan. A few days ago, police inspectors Sunil Rajan and Ravinder Joshi came to know about the Pakistani conspiracy. The plot was to detonate IEDs in some parts of India. For this, IEDs were given from the border. Preparations for the terrorists were in full swing and were at an advanced stage. Information about it was understood again on Tuesday. Raids were then carried out in various states.

Initially, Jan Mohammad Sheikh was taken into custody from Kota, he had left for Delhi. Osama was captured at Okhla, while Muhammad Abu Bakr was captured at Sarai Kale Khan. Dhishan was arrested in Allahabad, Mohammad Amir Javed in Lucknow and Mulchand in Rae Bareli. The Uttar Pradesh police carried out the operation with the help of their state’s ATS.

Thakur said Osama had left for Muscat on April 22. He flew from Lucknow on a Salaam Air flight. There he met Zeeshan. He was later trained in Pakistan. A total of 15-16 people were being trained. He was speaking in Bengali. They may be Bangladeshis. They were divided into two groups. One group was trained by Zeeshan and the other by Osama.

Explosives, weapons by air

The arrested accused confessed that they received IED explosives, grenades, pistols and cartridges loaded with RDX from the sleeper cell. This material was to be sent to Uttar Pradesh. Jan Mohammad Sheikh and Mulchand were given explosives by Anis Ibrahim of Pakistan. Anis was given the task by the ISI. The air route was used to send weapons and explosives.

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