Attempt to ‘halala’ by taking friend to wife’s house; Filed a case against the leader of MIM

Delhi Police has registered a case against former MIM leader Riazuddin. It is alleged that Riazuddin tried to ‘halala’ with his friend to remarry his ex-wife. A case has been registered at the Jamia Nagar police station in Delhi. India Today has reported in this regard.

Police have registered a case of rape and harassment in the case. Police have also registered a case of molestation and criminal conspiracy against the MIM leader based on the complaint lodged by the woman.

According to the FIR, the woman was living with her son in Jamia Nagar. The woman was married in 2012 to the same friend of her first husband, Fariyad. He too had divorced his wife three times. Nine years later, Riazuddin arrived at his wife’s house with his friend. He tried halal from his own friend and the woman’s second husband to marry her once again.

Riazuddin said that if she followed the halala practice, she would be ready to remarry. The accused has confessed that she was beaten when she refused and her clothes were also torn.

Attempts were also made to rape the woman. Due to the chaos at this time, the citizens of the area had crowded outside the house. The woman alleged that her husband was a secretary of MIM in Uttar Pradesh and had threatened to kill her several times. The accused, on the other hand, claimed that he had quit politics and that the woman was demanding money from him and threatening to file false charges.

What is Halala?

Halala This custom is also called ‘Nikah Halala’. This practice is for divorced women who want to remarry their first husband due to circumstances. For this, they have to follow halal. According to custom, if a man divorces his wife, he cannot remarry her unless she marries another man. Not only that, but it is also a condition of having sexual intercourse with that person.

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