Babul Supriyo enters Trinamool! He had given a letter of resignation to BJP saying “I am leaving politics”

The Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered a major blow in West Bengal. Former Union Minister and former BJP MP Babul Supriyo has joined the Trinamool Congress on Saturday. Supriyo had recently announced his resignation from the BJP after a reshuffle in the Union Cabinet. He had also announced his retirement from politics. Since then, Trinamool National General Secretary and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee has given Trinamool membership. MP Derek O’Brien was also present.

Supriyo surprised everyone by announcing his resignation from politics on Facebook. The next day, Babul Supriyo said he had met senior BJP leaders but had not yet said anything about their next decision. “Only time will tell what I will do in the future,” Supriyo said at the time.

“Many BJP leaders are in touch with the Trinamool leadership. They are not satisfied with the BJP. One (Babylon Supriyo) has joined today, the other wants to join tomorrow. This process will continue. Wait and see, ”said Babul Kunal Ghosh.

“When I said I would leave politics, it made sense to me. I felt I was given a big opportunity (after joining Trinamool). All my friends said that my decision to leave politics was wrong and emotional, “said Supriyo.

“I am just happy to be back. I am coming back for the best opportunity to serve Bengal. I’m very curious. I will meet Didi (Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee) on Monday. I am overwhelmed by this welcome. Didi and Abhishek have given me a great opportunity. I have entered politics because of Asansol. “I will do my best for that constituency,” he said.

Babul Supriyo was said to have retired from politics after a reshuffle in the Union Cabinet. “Goodbye. I am not going to any political party, TMC, Congress, CPI (M) no one has called me, I will not go anywhere. You don’t have to be in politics to make sense, ”Supriyo had said at the time.

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