“Because the hens are covered, there is no dawn; This kind of action cannot hide the truth. “

“We are protesting against the action taken by the state government against Kirit Somaiya. The Muscat government cannot do that. Also, the hens do not stay up early because they are covered. Such action cannot hide the truth. ” In such words, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Praveen Darekar has reacted to the action taken against former BJP leader Kirit Somaiya. The Kolhapur District Collector has sent a notice to Kirit Somaiya, telling him not to enter the district. Against this backdrop, a large number of police personnel have been deployed outside Somaiya’s house to prevent him from going to Kolhapur.

Speaking on this background, Darekar said, “The action being taken by the state government in the case of Kirit Somaiya. She is very inappropriate, I condemn her. Kirit Somaiya was on his way to Kolhapur to gather documents to expose Minister Hasan Mushrif’s second alleged scam. However, they were barred from entering under Section 144. In fact, he had to go to Kolhapur after visiting Devdarsh. But the government should not have made such a fuss. Unfortunately, today 30-40 government policemen are outside Kirit Somaiya’s house in Mulund and are keeping him in custody. This is not an act that beautifies democracy, so we condemn this action. The hens are covered so there is no dawn. Therefore, such action cannot hide the truth. Whatever Kirit Somaiya wants to do, he will definitely keep doing it. Therefore, the politics of such pressure that the government is doing is fatal to democracy. It’s incompatible with democracy. ”

Fadnavis reacts to Kirit Somaiya’s placement action, says

Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Devendra Fadnavis has also reacted to the action. “We condemn the move to locate former MP Kirit Somaiya, which is completely illegal,” he said. Our struggle against the state government will continue. ” That is what Devendra Fadnavis has said through a tweet.

“Are they terrorists to set up a police cordon in front of Kirit Somaiya’s bungalow?”; Question from Chandrakant Patil!

Besides, BJP state president Chandrakant Patil has also targeted the Mahavikasaghadi government on this issue. “Are they terrorists to set up police in front of Kirit Somaiya’s bungalow?” BJP state president Chandrakant Patil questions Mahavikas Aghadi government. The BJP will not be intimidated by the repressive and hooligan tendencies of the Mahavikas Aghadi. The BJP is backing Kirit Somaiya. ” That is what Chandrakant Patil has said.

A police force outside Kirit Somaiya’s house; Order not to come to Kolhapur district

Former BJP MP Kirit Somaiya had on Wednesday handed over documents against Rural Development Minister Hasan Mushrif to senior officials of the Income Tax Department and the Directorate of Enforcement in New Delhi. Somaiya had said that action was expected in the next two to four weeks and that he would now expose the misconduct of a minister from Vidarbha.

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