BEST’s tickets are now at home

MUMBAI: BEST has decided to make it easier for passengers to get tickets at home to avoid congestion and disputes with carriers over holiday payments. An attempt is being made to introduce a new mobile app in the passenger service in the first week of December, said Lokesh Chandra, General Manager, Undertaking.

At present, 2.5 million passengers are traveling daily by BEST bus. Before the Corona period, the same number was around 32 to 35 lakhs. Passengers are provided with passes at the best bus depots or stations, while daily tickets are available from the best carriers on the journey. But mobile ticketing service was not yet available. As a result, the carrier’s cable was flying while giving tickets in the crowd. There were also disputes with passengers over holiday money. In order to simplify the ticketing process in the valley and to avoid daily cash transactions on the back of the corona, the venture has decided to provide a new mobile ticket app ticketing service for passengers. Passengers will have to download a mobile app to get daily tickets and it will be possible to get tickets from home, said Lokesh Chandra.

A decision will be made soon on how many hours this ticket will be valid. Apart from this, it will also be possible to get a pass from the app. The app will have the facility to pay the ticket and pass fees. During the journey, the passenger will have to show the ticket or pass carrier on this app. The best ‘Travel App’ was launched in September 2019. This makes it possible to understand the current status of buses. Other facilities are also provided including the time of arrival of the bus at the depot or stop, which bus is on which route. A link to the feature in this travel app will also be linked to the new mobile ticketing app. Through this link, passengers can also know the current status of the buses by going to the passenger app and through it they can get tickets.

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