Better quality research with the help of Chandrayaan-2

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has claimed that the information obtained with the help of a payload on a Chandrayaan 2 arbiter has led to innovative findings.

There are eight scientific payloads on this orbiter. Payloads are equipment used for scientific research. Chandrayaan Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer, Solar X-ray Monitor, Chandra Atmospheric Composite Explorer, Dual Frequency. It has infra red spectrometer, terrain mapping camera, arbiter high resolution camera and dual frequency, radio science experiment payload. Since the beginning of this week, ISRO has launched workshops on lunar science, which have been made available to educational institutions, students and individuals from all walks of life in India. Chandrayaan 2 Arbiter has completed two years. The workshop was organized for that purpose. ISRO President K. Sivan inaugurated the workshop at its headquarters in Bangalore. The mass spectrometer Chase-2 has studied the argon 40 in the lunar background and in the exosphere. So some radiation processes have been found there. Chromium and manganese have also been found on the moon. The XSM payload has studied the effect of solar flares on the moon. With the help of IIR payload, hydroxyl molecule, water ice has been found and hydration properties have been found there. With the help of the DAFSAR device, the existence of surface ice on the moon has been discovered. Some different properties have been observed in the polar regions. With the help of the portal provided, the information received at the Bayulu center has been disseminated.


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