Big accident averted: A bird hit an Air India plane while taking off and

A major accident was averted at Raipur Airport in Chhattisgarh on Tuesday. While flying Air India flight AIC 469 from Raipur to Delhi, a bird struck the plane. Which caused panic among the passengers. Soon after, the plane returned to the runway. All passengers disembarked safely. Union Minister of State for Tribal Development Renuka Singh was also on board.

The incident took place on runway No. 24 at 10.30 am. The pilot cleverly landed the plane. All passengers were evacuated safely. After this, the engineers checked to see if there were any technical glitches in the flight.

Rakesh Ranjan Sahay, Director, Raipur Airport, said the AIC 469 had taken off from Raipur for Delhi in the morning with 179 passengers on board. Then a bird hit the plane. The flight was then canceled. He said the passengers landed after the incident. Airport staff found fragments of bird carcasses during an inspection of the runway. Air India’s engineering staff is inspecting another aircraft.

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