Billions of rupees wasted on providing hobbies to which child ?; Nitesh Rane’s question to the mayor

You are the first citizen of Mumbai. It should be a matter of honor. However, BJP leader MLA Nitesh Rane has criticized the manner in which he misled Mumbaikars in the press conference he held. Nitesh Rane has written a letter to Mayor Kishori Pednekar. This time, Nitesh Thackeray has indirectly targeted Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray. “We also understand that under the pressure of the ‘penguins’ we made a ridiculous attempt to prove the lie,” Tola said in the letter.

According to the statistics published by the Municipal Corporation, the number of tourists in the financial year 2017 to 2018 was 17 thousand 57 thousand 059. But in the last two years, the number of tourists has come down to 10 lakh 66 thousand 036. As a result, the number of tourists has decreased by seven lakh in three years. Basically we tried to mislead that the attraction increased as the revenue increased. But in reality, till 2010, the entrance fee in Rani Bagh was Rs. But then we increased the fee directly from Rs 5 to Rs 50. There is a strange charge of Rs 100 for two adults and two children below 12 years of age and Rs 50 for an adult. Therefore, the increase in revenue is due to this increase in fees, not due to the increase in the number of tourists or attractions, ”said Nitesh Rane.

“Not only that, but you also said that strength and charisma are a pair of tigers. But if the tigers can be taken care of by the municipal employees themselves, then why not the penguins? Who is this penguin maintenance contract worth Rs 15 crore for? ”Asked Nitesh Rane.

“Ranichi Bagh was a place for children from ordinary Mumbaikar families to visit their parents. But because of a ‘penguin’s’ balhatta, we took away their right to play-leisure place by charging a quarter of the ticket price. Not only that, but the penguin room was made for the little ones to see. But while the lockdown in Mumbai has been phased out, the doors of Ranibagh have not been opened for children. Tell me this, ”said Nitesh Rane.

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