BJP’s mission is Uttar Pradesh! 30 meetings of the Prime Minister himself after Dussehra; Amit Shah, J. P. Nadda will also come down in the campaign

Though the BJP did not get the expected success in the five state elections held this year, the political maths is likely to change after next year’s elections. This is because next year, besides the politically large state of Uttar Pradesh, Assembly elections will be held in four BJP-ruled states of Goa, Manipur, Uttarakhand and the Congress-ruled state of Punjab. Considering the importance of Uttar Pradesh, BJP has focused on this state and it is understood that it will start campaigning in Uttar Pradesh after Dussehra. Along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, Union Home and Co-operation Minister Amit Shah and BJP national president J. P. It is learned that Nadda will hold a meeting.

Prestige election for BJP!

The Uttar Pradesh elections have been a matter of prestige for all parties. While the BJP is trying to unite the opposition parties across the country, the BJP is making strong efforts to control a state like Uttar Pradesh. The campaign will start after Dussehra and Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will hold more than 30 rallies in Uttar Pradesh. It is being said that Modi will hold a meeting on September 14 in Aligarh and on September 26 in Lucknow.

Along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP national president J. P. Nadda and Union Home and Co-operation Minister Amit Shah are also expected to hold more than 50 meetings. So, on the one hand, the BJP is trying to retain the power it has, while the opposition is trying to take the state back from the BJP.

Ridiculous criticism of opponents

Opposition in Uttar Pradesh, meanwhile, has started criticizing the BJP’s strategy. “The BJP now fears defeat in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. That is why now the BJP has decided to send its key leaders to Uttar Pradesh for campaigning, ”said Samajwadi Party spokesperson Dr. Presented by Anurag Bhadauria.

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