BJP’s three chief ministers do not believe in Modi-Shah! Statement of a retired IAS officer

Retired IAS officer Surya Pratap Singh is well known for his outspoken statements on social media. He is now directly targeting the BJP and commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Criticizing the Modi government, Surya Pratap Singh said, “Now it is definitely ‘Khela Hobe’ in UP.” Surya Pratap Singh says in his tweet, “There are three BJP chief ministers who may not accept Modi-Shah’s flag? Is this almighty pair losing strength in this battle of the ends? Some of the sounds coming during the apparent silence are definitely indicating something. No matter what happens now, we will definitely play in Uttar Pradesh now. ”

Congress MLA Mukesh Sharma has also targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that the BJP’s game has failed. “Changing the CM is not an experiment but a game to hide failure.” Meanwhile, after seeing Suryapratap Singh’s post, many have started reacting to it.

… Now Modi will also go in 2024!

A user named Shami Sheikh said, “It is also true that the people of UP are very happy with the work of yogis.” Reacting to this, a user named Sachin Yuvraj said, “Tirath Singh is gone, Yeddyurappa is gone, Rupani is gone, Yogi will go in 2022 and Modi will go in 2024.” At the same time, there have been other reactions.

When Modi-Yogi will go, only then!

A user named Milind Shah said that everyone in the BJP and the Sangh is praising Modi-Shah and those who are opposing him are gradually being removed. On the other hand, a user named Raja Singh has said, “Good days will come only when Modi goes to Yogi. If Modi Yogi stays there, there is great grief. ”

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