Blood shortage in Mumbai due to lack of blood donation

Tata Memorial Hospital appeals for blood donation as blood is not available for cancer patients

MUMBAI: The number of patients undergoing surgery at hospitals has increased after the restrictions were relaxed and there has been a huge shortage of blood in Mumbai in the last few days due to unavailability of blood reserves. The Tata Memorial Hospital in Parel, which treats cancer patients, has appealed for blood donation as there is no blood available for the patients.

The incidence of corona has been declining over the past few months as surgeries have been resumed in hospitals. But compared to that, there is a shortage of blood in the city due to non-organization of blood donation camps or non-donation of blood by blood donors. The impact is being felt by other patients as well as cancer patients.

The Tata Memorial Hospital requires a large amount of blood as a large number of cancer patients undergo surgeries. The number of patients coming to the hospital has increased as restrictions have been relaxed. But the flow of blood donors has not increased compared to that. Therefore, the relatives of the patients are being asked to provide blood only as the hospital does not have the required stock of blood.

Rohidas Naik’s wife has cancer and will undergo surgery on Monday. But as there was no blood available in the hospital, the hospital asked them to facilitate blood from outside. ‘In Mumbai, we tried to get blood in three to four blood banks. But nowhere was it facilitated. In the end, blood has been provided from a big hospital through identification ‘, said Rohidas. Most have recently recovered from Corona. They are not ready to donate blood, on the other hand, many young people have gone to the village for Ganpati. Therefore, there are difficulties in getting donors, informed Rohidas.

‘My mother had surgery on Wednesday at Jaslok Hospital. The rush began on Tuesday when the hospital said no blood was available. Since we are from Solapur, we don’t even know where to get blood in Mumbai. After finally contacting many on the phone for four to five hours, blood was found, ‘said Archana Kharat.

There is a huge shortage of blood in Mumbai and it is seriously affecting the patient care. Thousands of patients are being treated at the Tata Hospital and there is a great need for blood. Donors should donate blood, appealed the Director of Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. C. S. By Pramesh.

Large hospitals also have low blood stocks

There is not much stock of blood even in the blood banks affiliated to the big hospitals in Mumbai. There are 12 units at St. George’s Hospital, 82 units at JJ, 21 units at Cooper Hospital, 20 units at GT Hospital, 13 units at Bhabha Hospital, 16 units at Lokmanya Tilak Hospital (Siva), 21 units at Rajawadi Hospital and 25 units at Wadia Hospital.

Children with thalassemia

In Mumbai, 50% of the blood supply is available from private offices and colleges. Despite the restrictions, the camps are still not organized enough. In the city, 2300 children with thalassemia need blood every 15 days. These babies need about nine to ten thousand units a month. But since blood donation is not done on such a large scale, they have been begging for blood for a year and a half. Vinay Shetty of the Think Foundation said that camps need to be organized on a large scale in housing complexes including offices.

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