Break the ‘Neat’ exam in Maharashtra too!

Congress demands CM

In Maharashtra, as in Tamil Nadu, the ruling Congress has taken a stand that the admission test for medical admissions should be scrapped and the admissions should be given on the basis of marks in the 12th state board examination as in the past. State President Nana Patole has sent a letter to Chief Minister Thackeray requesting the Mahavikas Aghadi government to take a decision to cancel the exams which are unfair to students from rural areas and ordinary families.

In NEET, the number of students from CBSC and other Central Boards is increasing more than the number of students from State Examination Boards. It is not possible for poor students to get expensive private tuition. As a result, students from rural and general communities are deprived of becoming doctors. He demanded that in order to eliminate this inequality in education, medical admissions should be started on the basis of marks in the state board examinations as before.

Housing organizations should have women security guards

The increasing incidence of violence against women is a matter of concern. Patole said that for the safety of women, there should be women security guards along with male security guards in the housing institutions in the cities.


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