cell division

cell division

Cell Division

– Cell is structural and functional unit of all living organisms.

– All cells originate through division of preexisting cells.

Defination : the division of chromosomes and cytoplasm of a cell into two daughter cells is known as cell dividion.

Parent cell : the cell which undergoes division is known as parent cell.

Daughter cells : the cell which are derived from the division of parent cell are called as daughter cells.

Functions of cell division :

i) Growth and development of somatic tissues.

ii) Regeneration of damaged tissues.

iii) Production of new organs and tissues.

iv) Replacement of old organs and tissues.

v) Asexual reproduction.

vi) Sexual reproduction

vii) It keeps the size of cells within a limited range.

Types of cell division :

i) Mitosis  ii) Meiosis

Karyokinesis : The division of nucleus of a cell in to two daughter nuclei is called as karyokinesis.

Cytokinesis : The division of cytoplasm of a cell into two halves to produce two daughter cells is called as cytokinesis.

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