Central Nagpur election debate on the issue

Pushing and shoving the chair

The election is said to be unpredictable. Sometimes neck to neck and sometimes two hands. The same thing happened in Nagpur. A political discussion was held on Sunday in the Central Nagpur constituency. However, the discussion on the issues ended in a frenzy. BJP corporator Dayashankar Tiwari’s activists threw chairs and pushed each other.

The ‘Ward Problem Redressal Committee’ had organized an ‘Election Arena’ program in Jalalkheda area on Sunday. All party candidates from Central Nagpur were invited on this occasion. Tiwari was present instead of the BJP candidate. Congress candidate Bunty Shelke was the first to be questioned. He answered and left as he goes for preaching. Corporator Tiwari said listen to us. But Shelke did not stop. As a result, Tiwari’s activists threw chairs in confusion.

Kamlesh Bhagwatkar and Ramesh Punekar of deprived front were present on the stage. The first question was asked to Bunty Shelke. It was alleged that Shelke was carrying out ‘Chamko Andolan’. I asked the sitting candidates whether I would make such an agitation on it. He was then questioned about burning the team’s uniform at Badkas Chowk. He had said that the relationship between husband and wife is a contract. He claimed that the agitation was against him. Questions were then asked about Mayo and Daga Hospitals. On that, the BJP rolled out the ‘Blood on Call’ scheme. Hedgewar Blood Bank collects blood through blood donation. But he does not give it to the people at cheap rates, Shelke alleged. After this, Mayo Hospital building was constructed at a cost of Rs. 300 crores. But there is no ventilator, he said. Dayashankar Tiwari stood up to answer this criticism. But Shelke left, saying he wanted to go preaching. Tiwari challenged him to hear the answer. But Shelke did not stop. Tiwari’s activists then rioted and disrupted the event.

I wanted to defend Bunty Shelke’s speech, but he left. I was angry with him. Then my workers started shouting. Someone was filming all these things. He requested to be stopped. Corporator Dayashankar Tiwari also claimed that there was confusion and the chairs were thrown away, while Bunty Shelke said that he had nothing to do with the confusion.

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