City talk: Misleading project victims

Vikas Mahadik

To the airport Ba. Patil’s name, Navi Mumbai affected area (Naina) Nako and opposition to Khopta town planning are the three agitations of the project affected people in three directions. However, no project-affected leader is threatening to solve the problems of these project-affected people. Projects should be done at such a time, but the project affected country should not be affected. Ba. I remember Patil’s role. Corona has started wearing Thaman in the state. At the same time, there are three issues of project victims in Raigad district. Urban Development Minister Eknath Shinde has raised the issue of naming the airport through CIDCO. Bhumiputra Nirdhar Parishad is being held on 13th January at Kolhi Kopar Airport area. The direction of the movement will be decided in this conference. For this, project affected people from 26 villages will come together. A symbolic one-day fast was held in Panvel last week as Navi Mumbai affected area (Naina) was not wanted. CIDCO has announced a hollow town planning for 32 villages east of Uran. CIDCO has declared that these villages are not in Naina area, but the project affected people here are confused. The new year has begun in an environment where the crisis of the Corona and the question of project victims.

It is noteworthy that the CIDCO administration has remained silent on all the three issues. The right to name Navi Mumbai Airport belongs to the Central Government through the Aviation Authority. Leadership of project victims Ba. The demand of the project victims that Patil should name this project is true. There were two major agitations last year. Due to the huge crowd gathered on Belapur Palm Beach Road, this airport was closed on. Ba. There was a public feeling that Patil should be named. Even then, Corona’s accompaniment was beginning. It was during this time that the masses came together. The Mumbai High Court had struck down the project-affected leaders. The airport project will take another two to three years to start. The agitation is likely to continue even after Corona’s ouster, but this conciliatory role is not seen in any project-oriented leader. There is a fear as to why the project victims are angry over this.

While the project was quiet, Eknath Shinde asked CIDCO to approve the proposal on the orders of Matoshri. After that the storm has risen. Due to this, politics is also being roasted. Shiv Sena’s decision to name the late Balasaheb Thackeray has been backed by his allies NCP and Congress. Therefore, there is a perception that this naming movement is being run by BJP. Due to this political faction, BJP has started a feud between the leaders and activists of Raigad district against the Mahavikas Aghadi. Due to the internal disputes between these four major parties, the Nirdhar Parishad to be held on 13th January is becoming non-political. However, this council has some limitations. As per the naming of Thackeray approved by CIDCO. Ba. The solution to this problem is to approve the proposal of Patil’s name and send it to the Central Government through the State Government. CIDCO did not need to get involved in this controversy. Currently, Bhiwandi MP Kapil Patil is the Minister of State at the Center. They can convince the central government of this point. Under his leadership all d. Ba. The real solution to this problem is for the pro-Patil project victims to stand united, but everyone is watching to see how this naming issue will continue to simmer and how our nest will be burnt on it. At such a time selfless, spotless, fearless d. Ba. Patil’s leadership cannot be forgotten.

The state government has declared Naina area for planned development around Navi Mumbai. 371 km of land of 270 villages is coming under this area. CIDCO is planning this area. Therefore, construction in this area cannot be done at the whim of anyone. It has been more than ten years since the area was declared. CIDCO has started tendering for infrastructure works worth crores of rupees. CIDCO will spend Rs 35,000 crore on infrastructure in the entire region. In this project, if the lands of the farmers are not being acquired, if they want civic infrastructure, then give 40% of the land. CIDCO is making a compromise to get increased FSI in return. The area has been declared for better development of the airport area. It cannot be canceled now. On the other hand, the solution is to negotiate with CIDCO and bring down the demands of the project victims, but there is a meaningless demand to revoke this authority. A town of 32 villages is being set up to develop the eastern part of Uran and the western part of Panvel like Navi Mumbai. CIDCO is preparing a development plan for the town. The planned development of villages and cities is a must for the next generation, but it is being undermined by some project-affected local leaders. There are hundreds of project affected leaders in Raigad district who have achieved their aspirations by leading in this way. For the past several years, he has been fortunate to have CIDCO take over the construction work and the plot. Three agitations are going on in three directions but none of the project affected leaders are threatening to solve the problems of the project affected people. At such a time again d. Ba. I remember Patil’s leadership. Projects should be done after studying all the issues of the project affected people, but the project affected people should not be deported. Ba. The project affected people want selfless leadership to emerge with the role of Patil. CIDCO or the government is likely to bow to such selfless leadership. Otherwise, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is just a misdirection of the project victims.

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