Coinage split with Afghanistan

Transactions closed until international approval

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has severed ties with Afghanistan until the Taliban regime came to power and the situation became clear.

The IMF has said that although a Taliban government has been formed in Afghanistan, it has not yet been recognized by the international community. We are also deeply concerned about the economic situation in Afghanistan, so the international community must now take immediate action on the humanitarian crisis there.

“We are closing our relations with Afghanistan immediately,” said Gary Rice, a spokesman for the IMF. Because the government there has not yet received approval. If the government of Afghanistan is recognized by the international community, these relations can be re-established. Funding for Afghanistan has been cut off and no financial assistance has been provided so far.

On August 15, the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan. He did this by overthrowing the elected government. The Taliban has now formed an interim government that includes senior Taliban leaders.

Many world leaders have stated that they will continue to monitor the Taliban’s commitment to the international community. He has made it clear that the government in Afghanistan will be given political recognition only if it is inclusive. Afghanistan is plagued by widespread poverty and famine, with the IMF breaking ties.

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