Comfortable! The country is weakening; R-value dropped since mid-September

The strength of the corona virus in the country seems to be slowly declining. Against this backdrop, positive news is emerging. The R value of Corona virus in India is below 1. R value is a dimension. This measures the rate at which the corona virus is spreading in the country. According to the researchers, the R-value indicates how fast the corona virus spreads. Interestingly, the country’s R value has come down to 0.92 by mid-September.

What is the R-value of any state?

Major cities in the country like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore have more than R-Value 1. In Delhi and Pune, the R-value is less than 1. Considering the states, the R-value in Maharashtra and Kerala is less than 1. Earlier, however, a large number of cases of corona were reported in these two states. So, even the most active cases of corona were recorded in these two states.

The number of patients in Maharashtra and Kerala is somewhat under control

At the end of August, the country’s R-value was 1.17. The R-value had come down to 1.11 between September 4 and September 7. Since then, the country’s R-value has consistently fallen below 1. Between September 11 and 15, the country’s R-value was 0.86. In fact, the country’s R-value had risen due to the rapidly rising cases in Maharashtra and Kerala. However, at present, the number of cases of corona is low in both the states.

Sitabhara Sinha of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, said the good news is that India’s R-value is less than 1 in Kerala and Maharashtra. These two states are the most active patients in both the states. Sinha is leading a team of researchers to calculate the R-value. According to statistics, Mumbai has an R-value of 1.09, Chennai has an R-value of 1.11, Kolkata has a R-value of 1.04 and Bangalore has an R-value of 1.06.


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